Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Must Read

Hello Everyone :D
I read such a wonderful post today, this morning!!
Please take the time today & read its very good and insightful!!
Have a blessed day!
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't Quit!!!

Good Morning Everyone :)
I hope you're having a Happy Tuesday!!
.... So I found this poem/quote online and I loved it, it inspired me!!
See there are those days when you're so close to you're blessing, some give up or others are close to giving up before getting there, they just can't take it. I for one have experienced those moments when I think thats it I am throwing in the towel. However I am happy to say I have great family and friends and of course Jesus who have always urged me to keep going or try again.
Love them Tons!!
& I must say because of it I have seen miracles, blessings and great lessons unfold in my life. Without persistance, support and these 3 things (M.B.GL's) I would not be who I am.
So today if you've thought, are thinking or have thought in the past or ever think in the future to give up, DON'T GIVE UP!! There is always hope... & remember Jesus is always waiting for you ;) He makes each day a much greater blessing and He makes perseverance much much worth it!
Remember this path (be it life or church) is not about those who begin it, its about those who FINISH IT!!
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Youth Parties :)

Okay so as promised... Our end of year youth party is themed Western so we have to dress up as cowgirls and cowboys (best dressed wins!!). I am just thinking up some idea, believe me I have plenty but this is my workbook thus far... it may be this or it just may not be ;)

Last year the theme was Whimsical here is something similar to what I wore... Mine however was black lace and pink fabric under.
BTW I did not win... I was a judge jejeje!! (love it!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Years Workbook :)

I am excited for this years end of year festivities!!
For one we get to celebrate our end of year at our very own church building, we can stay up all night teehee!!
 & see... my friends and I like to buy an outfit for the end of the year (if possible) to celebrate in style the end of an year and the beginning of a new one!!
So I am excited about this years plans... This my workbook what I am considering (very much so wearing!!). Now I promise once it comes I shall take a pic and post the outfit ~ but in the meantime here is my workbook/ ideas for this year :D!!

Curly chignon
Possible hairdoo with grey flower in
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A Black Peplum top
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A grey ruffled maxi skirt
Bring a romantic edge to your closet with this favorite feminine peep toe.  Just Fab's Oksana features a light grey upper with white scallop piping and dainty bow at the vamp.  This peep toe style is showcased by a 5 inch stacked heel and 1 inch platform.
Grey & white heels

What are you're plans for New Years?...