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Now I decided to create this tab, because I simply love shopping on Etsy & I think its great that you can support people who are greatly talented and have decided to share their talent with the rest of the world :) So here is my list (which will only increase I believe) & the reason why I bought it & the great deals you can get :)!!
So I started my first purchase In Feb 2011... It was the cutest pencil case!!
See I love cute things and I really wanted a small pencil case so when I found this one I loved it!
Small I Love Books Zipper Pouch
By Kukubee for $12

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pride & Prejudice... Well now you know!!
I found this scarf looong ago but I was not working so it was a no go... when I did start working this was my next purchase & Love it!
Thee Scarf <3 
Mr. Darcy proposal scarf- Pink on Charcoal
By Brookish $20

I later began to really want a oak leaf pin and I seed to find it in no store I searched... Thanks to Pinterest I was connected to this Seller on Etsy & Thus I got my...
Oak Pin
Medium Gold Leaf Hair Barrette - Woodland Collection - Whimsical - Nature - Bridal

I wanted a sling back made of ethnic fabric for soo long but each time I went to store they were $40 and up... It was too much I loved it but my pocket was not capable of such a purchase... so in kicked Etsy &... 
Sling Shoulder Bag
Sling HIP Shoulder bag Hand woven cotton Fabric 17 mix color stripes ethnic
By happyhip $19.50

Now this one is close to home and heart!! My firend began her own modest shop on Etsy and I really wanted this skirt and she made it possible through Etsy... So PLEASE support her :)! She great!!

Aqua High Waisted Skirt
Aqua High Waisted Maxi Skirt
By ModestyWalkShop $26.50

See Praise God!! I graduated this year from school so I still have my Ryerson University Lanyard... I mean I love it but I also want to save it and put it away with my diploma... But I need something pretty of course, colourful of course, and affordable of course for caring my keys loll this justifys it

I searched high and low on Etsy and I found this one... shes really great and all of her Key Wristlets are lovely!

Wristlet Key Fob Key Chain in Vintage Floral - Your choice of dark teal or yellow webbing
By MomNMiaQuilts $5

Of course I would be lying if I said I would no longer shop.... Winter is coming in Toronto & well I needed something warm, soft and practicle for those long frosty commutes into work. I really am not a huge fan of hats because they flatten my curls soooooo I got a hooded cowl... yey!

Hooded Cowl, Black Crochet Hood, Halloween Hood
By WellRavelled $36

I have continued shopping and I went again to one of my favourites shops...& bought a beautifl jean skirt look here :)!

Long Jean Skirt With Blue and White Ruffles
By ModestyWalkShop $16.50

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