Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Must Read

Hello Everyone :D
I read such a wonderful post today, this morning!!
Please take the time today & read its very good and insightful!!
Have a blessed day!
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't Quit!!!

Good Morning Everyone :)
I hope you're having a Happy Tuesday!!
.... So I found this poem/quote online and I loved it, it inspired me!!
See there are those days when you're so close to you're blessing, some give up or others are close to giving up before getting there, they just can't take it. I for one have experienced those moments when I think thats it I am throwing in the towel. However I am happy to say I have great family and friends and of course Jesus who have always urged me to keep going or try again.
Love them Tons!!
& I must say because of it I have seen miracles, blessings and great lessons unfold in my life. Without persistance, support and these 3 things (M.B.GL's) I would not be who I am.
So today if you've thought, are thinking or have thought in the past or ever think in the future to give up, DON'T GIVE UP!! There is always hope... & remember Jesus is always waiting for you ;) He makes each day a much greater blessing and He makes perseverance much much worth it!
Remember this path (be it life or church) is not about those who begin it, its about those who FINISH IT!!
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Youth Parties :)

Okay so as promised... Our end of year youth party is themed Western so we have to dress up as cowgirls and cowboys (best dressed wins!!). I am just thinking up some idea, believe me I have plenty but this is my workbook thus far... it may be this or it just may not be ;)

Last year the theme was Whimsical here is something similar to what I wore... Mine however was black lace and pink fabric under.
BTW I did not win... I was a judge jejeje!! (love it!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Years Workbook :)

I am excited for this years end of year festivities!!
For one we get to celebrate our end of year at our very own church building, we can stay up all night teehee!!
 & see... my friends and I like to buy an outfit for the end of the year (if possible) to celebrate in style the end of an year and the beginning of a new one!!
So I am excited about this years plans... This my workbook what I am considering (very much so wearing!!). Now I promise once it comes I shall take a pic and post the outfit ~ but in the meantime here is my workbook/ ideas for this year :D!!

Curly chignon
Possible hairdoo with grey flower in
Pinned Image
A Black Peplum top
Pinned Image
A grey ruffled maxi skirt
Bring a romantic edge to your closet with this favorite feminine peep toe.  Just Fab's Oksana features a light grey upper with white scallop piping and dainty bow at the vamp.  This peep toe style is showcased by a 5 inch stacked heel and 1 inch platform.
Grey & white heels

What are you're plans for New Years?...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 30 [Last Day ;)]

'Tis the Last Day of Thanks a Day, wow does a month fly!!
Nov. 30 - On the Wall:
Well today I am thankful for my giant poster of Greece thats on my wall. Though I can't go just yet I can always enjoy the landscape view of it on my wall :D
Oia, Santorini (Both pics are)
God Bless You All!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 29

Nov. 29 - Big:
Today I give thanks for life & health!! They are the biggest things I own, quite priceless or rather have a huge cost that no one else can pay except for Jesus!
P.S. For my friends and families also :D!!
(Me curly hair, in white t-shirt & jean skirt)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 28

NOV. 28- Vehicle:
Today I give thanks for my Toyota :D!!
One I give thanks for it because it was a gift from our church when our other car died.
Two because it is what gives us all transportation (a blessing I tell ya!)
Three I can go to work and school because of it without taking 3hrs!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Past Saturday

I had to write this post because I was so fascinated and really aww-ed!!
On Saturday, we were in London and we stayed at our dear friend's home Sarah & Danny.
They have an adorable 8 month Baby Girl named Emma.
While Sarah got ready and so did everyone else for "The Jesus Revolution" I carried Emma 'trying' to put her to sleep, no chance she wanted to stay awake jejeje. It was okay by me I liked carrying her.
So since she did not want to go to sleep I started walking around the apartment going window to window looking outside with her in my arms. Until we stopped at their front door window where the view of outside was perfectly visible. We both stood there staring outside, until I started watching Emma instead, I saw how mesmerized she was just soaking the whole view in, she was nose and hand on the window staring outside.
At that moment I started thinking Jesus' creation is truly Beautiful, I could see through Emma's expression and concentration, she was mesmerized looking outside and I thought thats how we should always be when we step outside, for God is truly a great creator making all things beautiful in His sight and really for us too!!
I would have wished I was a good photographer like Emma's mama is, to have taken a picture of her, but I am not so I watched and... I write hopefully you can picture it!!
Here is a beautiful song which I translated for my blog ~ I love it, its one of my favourites!! Enjoy!


Thanks a Day - Nov. 24, 25, 26 & 27!!

I've been super busy this long weekend (for me) I was at a great event Saturday called "The Jesus Revolution" & Sunday at church & Monday doing a deep cleaning and remodelling of our basement!
But all that being said... Thanks a Day for my 4 days :D
NOV. 24- A Sound You Heard:
I was thankful for this day because all day I heard the sound of worship music and later at night worship from the congregation it was wonderful!! Oh & might I add I also heard baby Emma's baby talk in the morning :D so cute!!
NOV. 25- Sky:
I am always thankful for our beautiful sky... seeing as my favourite colour is sky blue, its so relaxing!! Thank you Jesus for you artistic creations!!
NOV. 26- In The Cupboard:
I am super thankful for mugs!! I spent my day at home this day (day-off), later on in the day my mom called me asked me if I wanted to share coffee with her. I said sure and we sat together sipping each a cup of coffee paired with pastelitos de pina- pinapple sweet bread yum! It was so relaxing and heart warming to share that moment with her. [] < Click for recipe!
NOV. 27- Tree:
Today I am thankful for our front lawn tree :D I love nature and trees are wonderful all year round!! In spring they blossom, in summer they are green, in fall they are multi-colour and in winter they stand full of snow!! Love 'Em!


Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 23

Nov. 23 - Black:
Jajaja this one made me laugh... first thought that came to my mind is... I am so THANKFUL for Black BECAUSE its slimming!! LOL :D
 I am also thankful for black because its elegant and matches with everything! (fave picks below!)
outdoors is so my style...!:)
I am also thankful for for night skies because it shows you beautiful stars!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 22

Pastoral Couple Benitez
Nov. 22 -  Grateful:
Today I am thankful/grateful for my God, my Family, my Friends, my Church & Ministries!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift: From Momma to Me

I wanted to share what my mom brought me from her trip to Israel... I love my gifts they are so me!! Thank you Mom <3

Here they are: 1- my grey/white scarf, 2- mustard seed keychain & 3- colourful side bag
Bonus: My Aunt got me this keychain since she went with my mom to Israel!


Thanks a Day - Nov. 21

NOV. 21- What you wore
Today I am thankful for: My comfy cotton top, my flowy black skirt, my cute bowed payless flats and my warm white/grey scarf my momma got me from Israel!!
I feel so warm and cozy in my clothes!!
Thank you Jesus for apparel!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 20

NOV. 20- Work/Play
Today I am thankful for this blog!!
I come to work and each day brings pretty much the same task!
Now I am not saying this is play but I am saying blogging is fun like play!
So I am thankful for blogs, bloggers and blogging sites which make my day awesome!! Thank you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks a Day - 17, 18 & 19

NOV. 17 - The Last Thing You Bought
Clothes wise... or sorta... I bought an apron at Homesense which was on sale!! It is nice with ruffles and colour its great!! I am thankful for it because this Saturday which was my day to cook at church I didn't get all messy because I was wearing my pretty apron jejeje!
This what my aprons sorta looks like!
NOV. 18 - Happened This Weekend
This weekend I was thankful for friends!! I got to spend time with all of them, love them all tons!! But for one, it was a special weekend it was her birthday so we met up Downtown and ate at Mr. Green jeans yumm and then they wanted waffles so we went to a place called Demetre's ... I recommend both places yummmy!!
Thank you Jesus for friends, a good time and food!!

Inside Mr. Green Jeans - the decor :)!

NOV. 19 - Something Awesome
I am thankful today for Jesus' forgiveness, as I have said before and many times... each day is a new mercy!!
Well Yesterday when I walked in to church I wasn't feeling all myself, I was feeling a little burdened. As service began though I could feel a load lifiting and my spirit filling. By the time full worship came around I felt Jesus had answered the prayer I had within, it was wonderful! So today its awesome because I began a new!!
Thank you Lord!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Feature: Moriah Peters

I wanted to share a Christian Artist whos songs I have been enjoying of late!!
Hope you like them!!
Here is Moriah Peters Songs my Top 3 this week!!

Thanks a Day - November 14, 15, & 16

Ohhh I am so happy!! My momma came home Wednesday sooo I took days off to spend with her!! Her pictures of Israel are amazing as are her stories & the gifts oooh I am Loving them I shall share!!! But In the meantime I am thankful for...
NOVEMBER 14 - Man Made
For man-made ohh def. clothes... I mean there are tons of things I am thankful for which are man-made; but I give clothes a plus, why? you may ask... well one its much needed it covers you up, and two its so pretty fun, its like art  & well three it keeps you cozy!!

this is one of my skirts designs!!

NOVEMBER 15 - In my bag
I am thankful for my bible, I carry it around in my purse all the time. Its heavy (even though its not that big) but I can never bring myself to take it out of my purse, it feels necessary to me. I am thankful for it because everytime I look into my purse it is an excellent reminder of who I am, what I have and how blessed I am to have been given all of it!!

November 16-  The view from your window
Now because thanks a day is seeing the good in each day I have to see the good in this one. I don't have much of a window its more like a hole in the wall (I share a basement apartment with my sister). A hole which we constantly look at and wonder how on earth that can be our escape route, see we are latinas, so to squeeze through will be a mission jejeje!

But none-the-less... I guess I am thankful for that shrub which covers the only existing window we have in our basemnet lol... it covers it so no one can peer in to our room lol... though I must admit it has given me multiple scares at night or on a windy day. Thanks Shrub jejeje!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 13

Firstly today I am thankful; because the wait is almost almost over!! My momma is coming home from her dream vacation which was Israel TOMORROW, can't wait to see her, hear her stories and see the touristy trinkets she brought back!! Yey!!
NOVEMBER 13- Where you Slept
Today I am thankful for my cozy pink room where my white soft cozy bed stands, yup thats where I slept! I superbly thankful for having my bed, my room, & my home. They are not to be taken for granted, they are a great gift!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 10, 11 & 12.

November 10: Cant {won't} live without
 On my day to day basis I would have to say coffee jaja!! See I need to function lol (at times) So I am super dee duper thankful for my cafe!!
Pinned Image

November 11: Night
 I am thankful for summer nights when my family and I will sit on our tiny front lawn porch (if it qualifies as that jeje) & talk for hours about all sorts of random things!
porch porch porch
The porch I wish* we had!!

November 12: Drink
 I am thankful for the invention of Jugo Juice's Caramel Buzz Smoothee yummmmm!! On treat days I get one for breakfast on my way to work, believe me its a treat!! It has caramel, coffee, banana, low-fat yogurt all blended to make a splendid smoothee... Yum!