Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 24, 25, 26 & 27!!

I've been super busy this long weekend (for me) I was at a great event Saturday called "The Jesus Revolution" & Sunday at church & Monday doing a deep cleaning and remodelling of our basement!
But all that being said... Thanks a Day for my 4 days :D
NOV. 24- A Sound You Heard:
I was thankful for this day because all day I heard the sound of worship music and later at night worship from the congregation it was wonderful!! Oh & might I add I also heard baby Emma's baby talk in the morning :D so cute!!
NOV. 25- Sky:
I am always thankful for our beautiful sky... seeing as my favourite colour is sky blue, its so relaxing!! Thank you Jesus for you artistic creations!!
NOV. 26- In The Cupboard:
I am super thankful for mugs!! I spent my day at home this day (day-off), later on in the day my mom called me asked me if I wanted to share coffee with her. I said sure and we sat together sipping each a cup of coffee paired with pastelitos de pina- pinapple sweet bread yum! It was so relaxing and heart warming to share that moment with her. [http://www.elsalvador.travel/pastel-de-pina-manzana-y-leche/] < Click for recipe!
NOV. 27- Tree:
Today I am thankful for our front lawn tree :D I love nature and trees are wonderful all year round!! In spring they blossom, in summer they are green, in fall they are multi-colour and in winter they stand full of snow!! Love 'Em!


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