Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanks a Day - November 14, 15, & 16

Ohhh I am so happy!! My momma came home Wednesday sooo I took days off to spend with her!! Her pictures of Israel are amazing as are her stories & the gifts oooh I am Loving them I shall share!!! But In the meantime I am thankful for...
NOVEMBER 14 - Man Made
For man-made ohh def. clothes... I mean there are tons of things I am thankful for which are man-made; but I give clothes a plus, why? you may ask... well one its much needed it covers you up, and two its so pretty fun, its like art  & well three it keeps you cozy!!

this is one of my skirts designs!!

NOVEMBER 15 - In my bag
I am thankful for my bible, I carry it around in my purse all the time. Its heavy (even though its not that big) but I can never bring myself to take it out of my purse, it feels necessary to me. I am thankful for it because everytime I look into my purse it is an excellent reminder of who I am, what I have and how blessed I am to have been given all of it!!

November 16-  The view from your window
Now because thanks a day is seeing the good in each day I have to see the good in this one. I don't have much of a window its more like a hole in the wall (I share a basement apartment with my sister). A hole which we constantly look at and wonder how on earth that can be our escape route, see we are latinas, so to squeeze through will be a mission jejeje!

But none-the-less... I guess I am thankful for that shrub which covers the only existing window we have in our basemnet lol... it covers it so no one can peer in to our room lol... though I must admit it has given me multiple scares at night or on a windy day. Thanks Shrub jejeje!


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