Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks a Day - 17, 18 & 19

NOV. 17 - The Last Thing You Bought
Clothes wise... or sorta... I bought an apron at Homesense which was on sale!! It is nice with ruffles and colour its great!! I am thankful for it because this Saturday which was my day to cook at church I didn't get all messy because I was wearing my pretty apron jejeje!
This what my aprons sorta looks like!
NOV. 18 - Happened This Weekend
This weekend I was thankful for friends!! I got to spend time with all of them, love them all tons!! But for one, it was a special weekend it was her birthday so we met up Downtown and ate at Mr. Green jeans yumm and then they wanted waffles so we went to a place called Demetre's ... I recommend both places yummmy!!
Thank you Jesus for friends, a good time and food!!

Inside Mr. Green Jeans - the decor :)!

NOV. 19 - Something Awesome
I am thankful today for Jesus' forgiveness, as I have said before and many times... each day is a new mercy!!
Well Yesterday when I walked in to church I wasn't feeling all myself, I was feeling a little burdened. As service began though I could feel a load lifiting and my spirit filling. By the time full worship came around I felt Jesus had answered the prayer I had within, it was wonderful! So today its awesome because I began a new!!
Thank you Lord!


  1. I'm sad I didn't get to see you in your lovely new apron! Lol.....

    I'm also sad I wasn't invited to DEMETRIES. Like the only best place for waffels in the world.Yummy. I want. lol....

    But I'm happy because I know how you feel re: Sunday! There was just something in the atmoshphere, as soon as service started! God's presence is sooooooo wonderful. : )

    1. @Nat I will wear my apron again in like 2 weeks lol... & we can go to Demetre's whenever you like I am down!! Believe me I was half asleep that day we were so tired bc it was late!! & yes for Sunday it was beautiful!!

  2. Aww love the apron!! Now I want one.

    And yummy dementres! Aw we used to have a dementres here in London but its gone now. It was so delicious. Sigh.....
    Love reading ur blog:)

    1. Sarah they are on sale right now they used to be 16 to 20 not they are 8 to 11, so if you want one go quick!! As for Demetre's than when you come down we should all go!! it'd be fun, thanks Sarah for the support!! & can't wait to see you all this weekend!!

  3. Julieeeeee I am so proud of you!!! I had no idea you had your own blog! Awesome! I love reading your "thank a day" each day because it encourages all of us to thank a day each day for God's mercy!!!
    God bless you and keep up the good you lots! God uses you in such a way that it is amazing to see!

    1. Thank you Lilla!! Love you tons!! Praise God, He is wonderful!! & I thank you for reading my blog and I am very very happy you like it :D!!


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