Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanks a Day - Nov. 5th

So hello everyone and welcome back from you're weekend, boy I am thankful I made it through the weekend!! I have been a bit sick, but thank God I am re-cuperating, slowly but surely!!
Soooo for... NOVEMBER 5 - 5 O' Clock:
Now this one got me thinking long and hard... & the first thing I came up with was at 5 o'clock thank God its not my wake-up time, my alarm is still off jejeje... But then I remembered .. aha!... I am thankful for 5 o'clock because... see my mom wakes up at 4:45am for work :( ... but at 5 o'clock she comes down to our room and will pray for us before she leaves (she thinks we are asleep but I always hear and feel her hand on my forhead). Now that is priceless!! I thank the Lord for my wonderful mother she is one of the greatest gifts He has given me!! I may not have all things in this world, but I have the best 5 people around me each and everyday to be more than blessed with ~ My Mother, Father, Brother & Sister. Love 'Em! See they were the greatest birthday gifts I got at birth, age 5 and 10. Thank You Lord!!


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