Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Past Saturday

I had to write this post because I was so fascinated and really aww-ed!!
On Saturday, we were in London and we stayed at our dear friend's home Sarah & Danny.
They have an adorable 8 month Baby Girl named Emma.
While Sarah got ready and so did everyone else for "The Jesus Revolution" I carried Emma 'trying' to put her to sleep, no chance she wanted to stay awake jejeje. It was okay by me I liked carrying her.
So since she did not want to go to sleep I started walking around the apartment going window to window looking outside with her in my arms. Until we stopped at their front door window where the view of outside was perfectly visible. We both stood there staring outside, until I started watching Emma instead, I saw how mesmerized she was just soaking the whole view in, she was nose and hand on the window staring outside.
At that moment I started thinking Jesus' creation is truly Beautiful, I could see through Emma's expression and concentration, she was mesmerized looking outside and I thought thats how we should always be when we step outside, for God is truly a great creator making all things beautiful in His sight and really for us too!!
I would have wished I was a good photographer like Emma's mama is, to have taken a picture of her, but I am not so I watched and... I write hopefully you can picture it!!
Here is a beautiful song which I translated for my blog ~ I love it, its one of my favourites!! Enjoy!



  1. awww so beautiful Julie!!!
    its true that Gods creation is beautiful, and sometimes we dont appreciate it!
    thanks for reminding us just how amazing God is :)

    1. Thank you Sarah :D!! I enjoyed spending time with you all in London!!
      & Indeed sometimes we don't BUT really thanks to Emma jejeje she reminded me!! Or rather taught me to pay attention jejeje!!


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