Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love a little more when you Travel :D!

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in LOVE.
1 John 4:18 NKJV

So this month I am so thank God because...
  1. I turned 23 :) yey!! , Thank You Lord!
  2. I survived my TESOL course I can now teach ESL jejeje!!
  3. The Convention is coming up YEY!!!!!!!!! 
  4. & After 4 years of not being able to go to El Salvador, my Grandma made it come true for me she took me in May :) (& that's what this post is about TODAY!!)

Like I said before, I had not been able to go to El Salvador for 4 years it was a lot believe me, for someone who would go every year or every two years, it was far too long. So I thank God for this privilege and for my lovely grama that made it possible.
I have to tell you this trip was unlike my other trips, before I would go to El Salvador and it would be solemnly a vacation. I would see family and friends, I would eat yummy food, I would go to the beach, I would stay at my great grandparent’s hacienda in the country side (my fave place), etc.

However, this time even though I did want to do all the things I normally do in El Salvador, I got this feeling/thought that I just had to add to my prayers because it felt very right to do so. I started asking God to please make this trip different from my other trips, that I could bless those in need with the blessings He has given me. Let me tell you that is exactly what this trip became!
I got the opportunity to visit an orphanage :D!!
Now I had never been to one and I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect... However, let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences I have ever lived.
The children were so friendly, the moment we got there we were all friends :) the boys you see in the picture.. they took my cousin and I and gave us a tour of where they live. It was honestly wonderful, I wanted to just permanently pack my bags and stay there.

The thing I learned most from them and cherish is; that no matter what is missing in your life be happy with what you have & love without limits. These children gave us their friendship and love instantly. They would hug us tell us their stories, it was amazing!! They all considered each other family and they all watched out for each other, it was lovely.

See I am a crier but I was so happy that I just couldn't be sad... Until I met Eddie Sanchez ohhhh when I met him I held back my tears, it took some effort. See Eddie was left at the orphange when he was 6 days old, he was left at the enterance. His story was sad, but when I saw him smile that is when almost began to cry this precious child was happy and so beautiful, life cirumstances had nothing on him :D!!

I did cry when I left though in the truck as we were driving away I just let the tears pour I couldn't hold them because when it was time to go the boys would tell us"don't leave stay here and play with us". It tore my heart to leave! They are constantly in my heart and prayers. Though I didn't know them long I love them,none-the-less, they stole my heart.

You learn many beautiful things on trips if you ask God for the opportunity and you actually let opportunites teach you of life.

I am so greatful, blessed and happy :D & I cannot wait until next year!! I promised them I would take them more coca-cola, some chicken (Pollo Campero), cake and Horchata (a salvadorian drink). So I am gonna keep my promise.

I end off by saying... TRAVEL, but not just for the sake of travelling, go TOUCH someones life because believe me in doing so,YOURS will be REVOLUTIONIZED :D

I Thank God for everything because He has given it all to me, The Love of My Life!
~ I wish you a wonderful day!!
and happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians :D

God Bless You Tons!!

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