Friday, March 15, 2013

Getting Poetic Here :)

Sometimes I just get poetic :) dunno why?!?!?!

Alguna vez pensé que no podría vivir sin ti, me alma se hacia pedazos por tu ausencia. Soñaba del momento en que te volvería a ver. Una escena de llanto de alegría, sonrisas y abrazos.

Mas el tiempo a extinguido la esperanza que alguna vez tuve. El reencuentro que pintaba en mi mente ni la sobra de mi presente. Lo único que ha quedado es la memoria de ti, que hoy deseo que tal vez no hubiese ocurrido. Tu memoria se ha convertido en mi diaria carga. Y hoy en vez de lagrimas esta  el deseo de no volver a verte para poner en descanso las memorias que un día eran mi mejor compañía y mi cubertura de consuelo.

Btw here is the not sooo good translation of it:...

The Reunion
Once I thought that I could not live without you, your absence tore my soul into pieces. I dreamt of the moment when I’d get to see you once again. A scene full of tears of joy, smiles and plenty of hugs.
But Time passed and took with it all hope that one day I held on to.  The reunion that I once imagined in my mind becoming not even the shadow of my present desire. The only thing left of your memory is the strong urgency I have to forget you. Your memory has become a daily burden. In place of tears is only the desire to never see you again, so that only then may the memories of you which were my greatest companion and consolation can be put to rest.
God Bless You Tons!!

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  1. very nice Julie...I like writing poetry as well, haven't written anything poetic lately so it's nice to be inspired by others to write again :)


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