Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After it All.

After all has come & gone,
There comes joy & beauty.
After tears have flown and you've bowed many knees
Smiles & laughter engulf you & you sprint with freedom.
After a hug was scarce & loneliness was ever present,
Hugs are adundant & company is great!
For it is true after a storm there is a sun which burns bright!!
The great things is you where never alone there was always ONE watching you!
With eyes full of love, who...
Cried when you cried,
Was by your side each time you kneeled,
Hugged you when you where in despair,
& never left your side in the loneliness!
He gave you the beauty & the joy,
He gave you a smile, the laughter & freedom.
He Loves You, After All has come & gone.

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