Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Letter to Pentecostal Girl!

Dear Pentecostal Girl,

As I watched you tonight, I wished for an opportunity to talk with you. I watched your beautiful face as you sang and worshipped. You reminded me of myself seven years ago. And then, after church, I watched you as you got into that car with a boy who does not know God. Oh, yes, he was at church tonight. He even went to to the altar and shed a few tears. I am sure that you would not accept the idea that, for him this is just a means to an end.

Seven years ago I was in your shoes. I had known God since my early teens, and had grown up under God anointed preaching and teaching. I didn’t lack boy friends or dates, as is so often the case with Pentecostal girls in churches where the girls outnumber the boys. Some very wonderful, consecrated young men came my way. But Satan, who watches diligently and waits patiently to ensnare a soul, saw me one day as I was lukewarm. Oh, I was still going to church and playing my accordion and singing and doing all the right things outwardly. But I had never really had that special moment with God when His will and mine were made one.

I met him at work. And before long, without anyone else’s knowing it, I felt I couldn’t live without him. he knew about Pentecost, and when he went to church with me, he went to the altar and cried. And so I married him, while my family and those who loved me wept and agonized.
It was just six months later that I realized my soul was in danger and that I had to have a touch from God. I prayed through and got a grip on God. Then the battle began. No, he wasn’t going to church anymore. I could count on my fingers the number of times he went during the last seven years.
Before I married him, the thought of living without him was unbearable. “How lonely it would be!” I thought. But now I know what loneliness is, and I’d like to tell you all about it.

*Loneliness is receiving a blessing from God and going home to a man you can’t share it with. He isn’t interested; he’s watching television.
*Loneliness is going to a church social alone and watching the young couples enjoy God’s blessings together. You can go alone or stay home alone; he has other interests.
*Loneliness is feeling the urgency of Christ’s coming and knowing that the one you love most on this earth is not ready, and shows
no sign of caring.
*Loneliness is seeing two children born and knowing that if your influence is to outweigh his, it will be a miracle.
*Loneliness is going to a General Conference and seeing young couples everywhere who are truly one and dedicated to God’s work. And there goes the young man who loved you once and wanted to marry you. He’s preaching the gospel now, and he has never married. Oh God! Help me! I mustn’t think of it!
*Loneliness is lying awake struggling with the suspiscion that he’s unfaithful. Then comes the unbelievable pain of knowing for sure. He doesn’t care if I know. She even calls me on the phone. After a time, he makes an effort to break it off. I vow to do everything humanly possible to keep this marriage together. I will love him more and pray for him more. Seven years of my life are involved in this! There’s a little girl and a little boy!
*Loneliness is now. My children and I will go home to a dark, empty apartment that will be my home until the lawyer says its over. I, who have always been afraid to stay alone, now welcome the peace and solitude.

As I look in the mirror; I see that seven years haven’t changed my face so much. But inside I am old, and something that was once

alive and beautiful is now dead. Of course, this is not an unusual story. The remarkable story about it is that I am still living for God. I am thankful for my family and their prayers of intercession for me. Oh, I am praying for you, Pentecostal girl! Please believe me when I tell you that no matter how wonderful he is, how loving, how tender- you cannot build a happy life upon disobedience to God’s Word. You see, no matter what the future holds for me, I have missed His perfect will for my life. I will never stop paying for breaking a commandment of God! Don’t let it happen to you!

This is the tragic story of my sister, and of the tragic mistake she made. It ended in the divorce court. There is no way to put her suffering into words, but perhaps this will save some girl from making the same mistake.

-Name Withheld

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