Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Curls :)

So today I wanted to do a different sort of post :)...

See I have very curly hair, they are small ringlets and my hair is very long.

Now see here is the thing I have used many many products in search for products that made my hair look natural and soft not crunchy, take the frizz away and hold my curls together.

So my search seemed hopeless at times when I used products that just made my hair frizz out or make it feel just terrible!

22 years after......... I finally found gold :) or rather the products that work and give me the look and feel I desire!

On days I don't want to put too much product & will be home most of the day & I know there won't be wind or anything I'll just put in some leave in conditioner/ cream!

My fave pick is: SEDAL for curly hair
* but I can't find it where I live so its only when I travel to the states or El Salvador that I get some :)!
curl define + hold crème

Second fave pick is: Totally Twisted Curl define+hold creme from Herbal Essences
* when I am in Canada and have no sedal this a great substitute
(P.s. Their curl mousse is also awesome :)!!)

Now on days that I will be out and about, in the town, at the mall, at work, a stroll in the park etc.....

I use mousse... My fave: Alberto European Curls & Waves Weather Resistant Mousse

Now if I do want all day hold for an event like a wedding, confrence etc.... I will spritz some hairspray:

My Fave....

Its: Tresemme Climate Control Hairspray

* It holds the curls and makes them super shiny :)

Oh yes.... & do you need a quick touch-up... you can use some gel ...
My Fave....

Its: Pantene Curl Shaping Gel

I hope this helps many curly girls out there searching for some good products :)
 Luv Ya & Keep it Curly .... Jejeje!!


  1. Great post Julie! I shall give those products a try!

  2. Thank you Natalie :)!! Let me know how they work for you!! :)!

  3. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a fairly new convert to Apostolic Pentecostal ways so mine is not quite to mid back yet, but I hope to one day have it to my knees or longer! I do a lot of natural hair care for my own hair (you can read all the posts here: ...just scroll down the page to where it says curly hair and it has all the different posts and recipes which you might find helpful since some of the things you like arent always available. :) I started the search of new products and going natural about a year ago when I stopped cutting my hair and when I stopped using heat to straighten it (since that is SO bad for your hair plus since I wasn't going to cut it I didn't want to add damage) and then I wanted to smooth my curls without gels and stuff so they weren't crunchy...anway...I did a lot of stuff so if you wan't to read more start with the HAIR post and go from there!

    I found your blog via a link on The Modesty Walk and am now following you via email and GFC!!! I am an Apostolic Pentecostal blogger and I host an AP blogger (and if you are on Pinterest you can link up your Pinterest account too!) link-up so all of us can connect! You are more than welcome to stop by and leave your link in the link-up and grab a button!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  4. Hello Helen :)

    Thank you very much for the hair compliment :D & yey I am happy for you :) thats great to hear, believe me you're hair will be long before you know it, and I also wish my hair were longer!! But... slowly but surely since mine grows in little ringlets. ...Thank you, I will most definetly look at your blog for Natural hair care I agree au Naturel is much better for long hair.

    As for linking up sure will, thanks tons, look forward to reading your great stuff.
    I loved your article on teeth whitening :)!!

  5. Hi Jules,
    Thanks for the comment about a November challenge - I've got one up now! Instead of a photo or verse a day, I'm going with Thanks a Day! Hope you'll join me.

  6. Loved this!! Having curly hair is such a bitter sweet thing but I love it!! I heard a lot about the Sedal but never got to try it. Thank you for this, it is very helpful since sometimes I just don't know how to handle my hair and what to use on it :(
    Your hair is gorgeous btw!

    1. I agree I love curly hair :D!!
      Sedal is really good but the closest we can find it is the states... We want to go to to the Houston convention next year so i'll stalk up & I can bring you some :D!! & you're very welcome I wrote the post because I love these products cuz they have helped its hard to find good ones for my hair. & Thank you Nadia, you're hair is also very beautiful... go curls!! jeje!


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