Monday, October 1, 2012

New Mercies filled with Unconditional Love

I recently was sitting listening to a preach at church where I heard the preacher say a quote I simply loved! She was talking about humbleness and how God love those with humble hearts, how He melts/ love those who have a humble heart. She even mentioned how those of us who aren't so humble He still loves, its just really up to us to come before Him and ask Him to forgive us, to love us and to care for us.

So here it is:...
A man loves you with conditions but Jesus loves you unconditionally.
Know see I loved this quote because it is very true. A man can only forgive so much and he loves you with set conditions. (Which is understandable and quite okay by me really) They are conditions that we all know and abide by, its things like being honest, loyal, caring etc. And those are some of the few conditions man (of course woman also) set for those they love. Its almost a promise really, which says lets take care of each other and love each other but these are the terms we have to live with, if not it may not exactly work out.

But the awe-striking thing about this quote is not the first part, we understand that, we all know that. But it is that...

Jesus loves us uncnditionally. We know that God loves the sinner but not the sin. We also know that God loves his children no matter what we do. But see here is the tad bit of extreme information. God loves us not matter what and sometimes or rather many times we break those conditions, YET He still loves us the same because He loves you no matter what that each day is filled with new mercies. Each day is new and yesterday is gone and forgiven if only we ask Him.


One of the songs I'd really like and I encourage you to listen to is Midnight by Bryan Pound, he really does a great job of writing a song which explains God's everydays mercies.

* So seek God, He loves ya Unconditionally already, its up to you to take that step & He'll take care of you and make you clean and whole each and every day :)!*



  1. Amen. Gods love is so great, if only we could ever grasp the concept.

  2. Amen :) Indeed it is so amazing!

  3. amen!! it still amazes me (Gods love for me, us) and sometimes feel so unworthy, but like you said he loves unconditionally, that no matter what we do, he still has his arms stretched out to us. its beautiful really. and humbling

  4. Yes I agree Sarah :) How He loves us all :)!


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